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Come Play in Our Backyard!

LubriSynHA is proud to announce the 2nd Annual Come Play in Our Backyard Contest! We had such a great response last year that we decided to do it again. The rules are simple, purchase LubriSyn, try it, and let us know how it works for you!


Submit your testimonial here. Good luck to all the participants!


Alex Hassinger Talks About How LubriSyn Changed His Life!


LubriSyn – Alex testimonial – 9.24.12

Former Thoroughbred Champion Trainer, Alex Hassinger.

Alex is now the National Director of Product Development for

Halstrum, LLC, The LubriSyn Family of Products

Aren’t you ready to make YOUR life change?

Alex Hassinger, National Director of Product Development for Halstrum, LLC, the makers of the LubriSyn Family of Products.



New Flavor!

LubriSyn is happy to announce we are in the final stages of developing a new flavor for LubriSynHU, grape! Please stay tuned to hear more about our release date!



You Asked, We Delivered: New Product Formulation

At LubriSyn, we are always listening to you; you asked, we delivered! Introducing our new, all-natural formulation! We have taken the BEST and made it BETTER.
All joints deteriorate with age. It is considered a normal senility change in aging mammals and humans that we no longer produce as much high-molecular weight hyaluronic acid (HA) in our bodies. With age our joints:

  • Decrease in mobility and range of motion
  • Have more pain in movement
  • Decreased function due to immobility and pain

All of this is due to the lack of high-molecular weight HA! Because of this we are not able to enjoy the activities that make life worth it!

LubriSyn has only high-molecular weight HA which is bio-identical to the normal HA in healthy joints. Therefore, you are replenishing your and your animal’s joints with HA that mirrors that body’s own healthy joint fluid! LubriSyn contains only natural, healthy ingredients and has no dangerous additives or artificial ingredients.

Our new formulations include:

  • LubriSynHU for you!
  • LubriSyn for your pets and horses!

Remember, you are never too young to start protecting your joints! Don’t let joint pain be a part of your life. At LubriSyn, we want you to “Lead the Life You Love!”

The new LubriSyn HU product lines, along with our NEW Large 3-month supply of HU, will be available July 1, 2011!


Endangering Your Heart

‎31 clinical trials. 116,000 patients. If you are taking over-the-counter pain relievers to address joint discomfort and stiffness every day, you are endangering your heart.


Seven Benefits of Regular Physical Activity!

So many of us visualize fitness as our personal goal for 2011. LubriSynHU can be part of your ritual as you return to the habits of healthy exercise and taking good care of yourself. LubriSynHU can truly help you lead the life you love! Read these benefits shared by the physicians at the Mayo Clinic.


Preventative is always better!

LubriSynHU has real value as a preventative – just like the vitamins you take every morning. A daily dose of the active ingredient, hyaluronan, can help replenish joint fluid and keep immobility at bay. Check out this report!


Enjoy Life Longer!

2011 is the year to make it happen: Get fit, stay mobile and enjoy life longer. Start with a daily dose of LubriSynHU, add in an exercise program – and enjoy a healthier life!


Take caution when taking NSAIDs

Recent studies have shown the adverse effects of NSAIDs on people. Here is an interesting article from BBC News


Mike Hebron uses LubriSyn HU to stay at the top of his game.

PGA Pro Mike Hebron started using LubriSyn HU when he broke his shoulder. He uses it now to stay at the top of his game.