LubriSyn Sponsored Riders Are In The Spotlight for 2012


London, Eng. - When the 2012 Summer Olympic Games gets underway in London, LubriSyn will be represented very strongly and on an international level with sponsored riders competing for several counties.

Two names which are well known in the Olympics are Steffen Peters and Tina Konyot. Both LubriSyn sponsored riders will take their quest for gold to the Dressage arena.

Peters returns along with his travel companion Ravel to take another shot at the Gold. Ravel, a Dutchbred gelding, along with Peters won two bronze medals in the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games and LubriSyn was, and is, a part of Steffen’s training regime. “We started using LubriSyn several years ago, and it was a crucial time for Ravel. We wanted to do anything possible to preserve his fitness and elasticity. LubriSyn has been a tremendous help with this,” Peters was quoted as saying. Steffen continued to say, “It gives you a certain level of confidence when you can count on your horse being healthy and this is extremely important when you flying half way around the world.”

Tina Konyot who will be riding Calecto V is an avid user of LubriSyn HU for people, and also uses LubriSyn to maintain her horses’ joint health. At the Olympic Trials in Gladstone, NJ, Konyot and her 14-year-old Danish Warmblood stallion, Calecto V, had performed a test that left the audience rapt and the judges thrilled, resulting in a winning score of 80.149, the first score above 80% in these trials.  Konyot is no stranger to the Worlds either, having also competed in the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games.

Along with Konyot and Peters, another established equestrian is Lauren Hough, who is returning to the Olympics in a different fashion. Lauren was part of the US team at the Sydney Olympics in 2000, and will also be helping coach the US team at the London 2012 Games. LubriSyn has proudly sponsored Miss Hough since 2005.

Another LubriSyn sponsored rider, is Rodrigo Pessoa who will compete on the Team for Brazil. In 2007, Pessoa won the individual silver and team gold medals at the Pan American Games held in his home town. He was also chosen to be Brazil’s flag bearer for the Summer Olympic Games 2012. In 2004, Pessoa took home Olympic Gold in Athens for Individual Jumping.

This year, Pessoa will also be honored with bearing the Brazilian flag for their Olympic Team.

The LubriSyn Family of Products wishes the best to all the participants of the Olympic Games in 2012 and hopes that all athletes, human and animal, return safe and sound to their prospective countries.


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