Try HU for seven days!

You may be used to the stiffness and soreness that keeps you from playing the best golf you can. Just try LubriSynHU for seven days, and notice the difference in your game. You will be surprised at what one small adjustment can do for you on the golf course!


Posted on Oct 12, 2010. 2 Comments

2 comments on “Try HU for seven days!

  1. Renee Smith on said:

    A friend recommended that I try LubriSynHU and that I could order a free bottle and pay for postage.. is that offer still available?? I am so looking forward to trying this product..

    • Hi Renee,
      We have temporarily suspended our free trial. We will start it up again soon. Please check back later this month.
      You can purchase a one-month supply for $39.00!
      Best Regards,


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