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Whether you already suffer from symptoms of joint pain or you want to prevent future problems, LubriSynHA is the safest and most effective hyaluronic acid joint supplement for you. 

LubriSynHA is physician developed and family owned, started by Dr. Steven Allday, renowned doctor specializing in joint care. Dr. Allday sought to protect joints in a safer and less-invasive way than injections or harmful medications. LubriSynHA was his solution. The liquid formula is easy to take and results are seen in less than a week. LubriSynHA is also available with MSM, LubriSynHA Plus, for added joint support.

Available with and without MSM

LubriSynHA has two formulas available for our clients, LubriSynHA, our trusted high-molecular weight HA supplement, and LubriSynHA Plus, fortified with MSM. Our original formula is absolutely effective enough for all cases of joint pain and prevention. LubriSynHA Plus was formulated to ensure those who were giving multiple supplements, engage in rigorous training, and just feel they need the extra support of connective tissue.

Dosage for People

We recommend people take one (1) tablespoon orally for the first week, then two (2) teaspoons as a maintenance dose thereafter. Results may vary and you may take more as needed, from 1-3 tablespoons daily.

You can also see our label here. 

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“I am so happy I was recommended this product. After two weeks on LubriSynHA, I cancelled my knee replacement surgery.”

“Starting LubriSynHA a year ago is the best thing I have ever done. It has helped me move and get around better than anything else I have tried!”

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LubriSynHA is conveniently available in one and three month supplies.

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