Creatures from Star Wars I Want to Meet

French Bulldog dressed up like Yoda

This Star Wars Day, May the Fourth be with you, all of us animal lovers are wishing we could be a part of the Star Wars Universe, if only to meet the unique and amazing creatures that appear in the films.


Appearance: The Last Jedi

Home-World: Ahch-To

We meet them when Rey seeks out Luke for training. Beakless, coastal birds who develop an adorable friendship with Chewbacca, after he eats 2 of them. Their puppy-dog expressions and natural curiosity make them absolutely precious in my book.


Appearance: Empire Strikes Back

Home World: Hoth

These furry, horned bipeds were domesticated by the Rebel Alliance on Hoth when the base was created. They are very fast, and used to the daytime temperatures of the icy planet, which made them the perfect steeds. While I greatly dislike the cold, the tauntauns may be worth the trip to Hoth to meet.


Appearance: Revenge of the Sith

Home Wrold: Utapau

These feathered, scaly quadrupeds are super versatile and fast. Built to traverse the rough terrain of Utapau, they make good steeds for obstacle-ridden landscapes. Obi-Wan and Anakin encounter them in the search for General Grevious. These magnificent creatures would be a blast to ride. With their ability to maintain speed over rough terrain, they would be a thrill-seekers dream.


Appearance: A New Hope

Home World: Tatooine

These mammoth-like creatures had long fur and curly horns. Easily domesticated, they were used as mounts, and their blue milk was utilized by itself, and for other dairy products.. The Tuscan Raiders had a unique relationship with them, almost a partnership. While the Banthas look like they wouldn’t have a pleasant smell, it would be cool to see a mammoth like creature alive and in the flesh.


Appearance: Return of the Jedi

Home World: Endor

These adorable furry bipeds might have been small and primitive, but were also intelligent and helpful. Instrumental in the battle on Endor, these small allies to the Rebels ensured the win. I think we all can agree that these cuddly, teddy bear-esque cuties are definitely worth meeting.


Appearance: The Last Jedi

Home World: Crait

These icy-looking fox-like creatures live in groups and developed their unique crystalized fur from their food source on Crait. I’ve always had a soft spot for foxes, and these majestic specimens immediately had the “awe-factor” going off the charts.


Appearance: The Phantom Menace

Home World: Naboo

These bipedal, amphibious-like creatures were the preferred mount of the Gungans. Bipedal, with platypus-like noses, they lived mostly on land, but could stay underwater for long periods of time. Being a mermaid is every little girl’s dream, and being able to ride a Kaadu through the water would be a close enough substitute.


Appearance: Everywhere

Home World: Unknown

Last, but not least, meeting Yoda would be an amazing experience. His wisdom and force abilities are legendary. We also have a couple doggos in the office with Yoda-ears, and a comparison picture with Yoda would be fun to have.

While intergalactic space travel may not be in the books for me, I can still dream of one day meeting all the animals on far away planets.