Fighting Fleas

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In the blink of an eye, it seems winter has left and brought along sunshine, blooming flowers, and warm temperatures. With this gorgeous spring weather, we always neglect to remember the biggest downfall of warm weather: BUGS! And we’re not the only ones who get agitated by them. Our beloved pets can be just as affected, especially by fleas. Lucky for you and your favorite four-legged friends, we’ve got some tips for you to avoid fleas this year.
The best way to keep your pets happy and comfortable is to invest in a flea preventative. They have multiple options to suit every pets’ needs. Whether it be a flea collar, monthly topical drops, or a monthly edible preventative, we can keep our pups flea free! The added bonus to most of these preventatives is many of them fight off other pests, including ticks!

Another proactive step we pet owners can do is keep our pets’ environment clean. I don’t mean scurrying around cleaning your house nonstop. No one deserves that kind of torture! Examine the environment outside of your house though, or places you frequently visit. Is it deeply wooded? Are there feral animals around that could increase the risk of your pets getting fleas? Obviously we can’t eliminate every risk, but it’s helpful to be mindful of your animals’ surroundings.
If you do find fleas on your pet, no need to panic. The first step is to get them off the animal. Typically one good bath with a specialized will get any fleas off your pet. There are many shampoos designed to get the fleas off your pet. Once your pet is clean, it is important to get a flea preventative on the animal as soon as possible to keep the fleas off.
After your pet is flea free, it’s time to address their surroundings. It’s important to kill any remaining fleas that are living in your house. Any pet beds or blankets need to be washed. All carpet should be vacuumed, along with any other surfaces your pet could have access to, such as chairs or couches.
If washing and vacuuming still doesn’t seem to be doing the trick, there are times where is becomes appropriate to call a pest control company, and get your house or yard sprayed for fleas. Most cases can be resolved before coming to this point, but it is a sure way to get rid of any remaining fleas.

Like everything else in life, nothing is perfect. The good always comes with a little bit of bad. Our pets are about as good as it gets. Unfortunately for them and us, sometimes fleas come along with the territory. Being proactive in prevention is the best route when managing fleas, but now you are prepared to tackle those tiny nuisances. [/cs_text][gravityform id=”3″ title=”true” description=”false” ajax=”true” tabindex=”1″][/cs_column][/cs_row][/cs_section][/cs_content]