Is your dog’s joint medication doing more harm than good?

We all know non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs—like Ibuprofen— aren’t good for long-term use. Overtime, what you thought was helping your joint pain may be damaging your liver, kidneys or stomach. And the same it true for your pets. Learn what medicines to avoid and some alternative treatments next time your pooch is in pain.

There are many options your veterinarian might recommend when it comes to treating your dog’s joint pain. Anything from anti-inflammatory medication to cortisone shots could be just what your dog needs to feel better. However, like humans, we have to be aware of what effects these treatments and medications may be having on our pet’s bodies.

The goods and bads of NSAIDS

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) are given to dogs and humans to reduce inflammation, swelling and pain. But long-term, daily use of these kinds of medications can cause harmful side effects.

Prostaglandins—a chemical in the body that increases inflammation, pain and swelling– is naturally produced in a dog’s body. However, there are good prostaglandins, like Prostaglandin E which helps prevent stomach ulcers. Taking a heavy or frequent dose of NSAID reduces levels of good and bad prostaglandin. Over time, it leaves your pup vulnerable to things like stomach ulcers and kidney damage.

Avoiding long-term side effects is easy.

Avoiding harmful side effects from joint pain medications is as simple as finding alternative treatments. Look for more natural ways to help your dog feel pain-free.

Try making small changes at home. Monitor your dog’s diet, weight and activity level. Overweight dogs put more stress on their joints and regular activity helps dog’s joints stay lubricated and healthy.

Another alternative to prescription drugs is a natural supplement like LubriSynHA. LubriSynHA is made up of hyaluronic acid which is naturally found in joint fluid, so it’s exactly what your dog needs to feel less joint pain in less time. And since it’s found naturally in their bodies, you know it’s a safe supplement that won’t cause dramatic side effects.

If you find your dog having joint discomfort, there are many treatment options. Now you can choose the best solution for your pet, without being limited to prescription medications.

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Source: avma.org – Your Pet’s Medications