LubriSynHA Human Joint Supplement named the Official Joint Supplement of Boyd & Silva Martin Effective June 2021

  1. LubriSynHA Human Joint Supplement named the Official Joint Supplement of Boyd & Silva Martin Effective July 2021

Simpsonville, Kentucky (July 7, 2021) Many of today’s top equestrians are in a constant search for health solutions that not only provide results, but are also safe and efficient. Today, Boyd & Silva Martin announce they have discovered the product that offers them the best joint care and pain management on the market with LubriSynHA Human Joint Supplement. 

The LubriSynHA Family of Products is the most trusted hyaluronic acid joint supplement on the market. A long time supporter of equestrian athletes, LubriSynHA is proud to announce their partnership as the “Official Human Joint Supplement of Boyd & Silva Martin.”

Since 2004, LubriSynHA has been creating safe and all-natural health solutions for animals and people alike. Developed by world renowned equine veterinarian, Dr. Steven Allday, LubriSynHA is a high-molecular weight oral hyaluronic acid joint supplement that works to reduce pain and inflammation from arthritis. LubriSynHA works to help people, horses, and dogs combat pain and discomfort and get back to their active lifestyles. “LubriSynHA Family of Products were born out my desire to find safer, more effective and preventative health solutions,” says Dr. Allday.

Boyd and Silva, who both have intermittent pain due to riding injuries, were introduced to the product line several months ago.  As busy parents and professional athletes, they needed to incorporating a supplement into their morning ritual that was simple to use and effective.   “LubriSynHA is easy to use and I felt results after just a week,” Boyd says, “I just add some to my morning shake and it is s an easy addition to my daily routine.”  

The LubriSynHA team would like to extend the best of luck to Boyd and his team as they begin their journey to Tokyo. Learn more about Boyd and Silva Martin, please visit www.boydandsilvamartin.com.

About LubriSynHA: LubriSynHA Human Joint Supplement is led by a team of experts who pioneer and develop safe, all-natural products that dramatically improve the quality of life for all humans and animals alike. Learn more about LubrisynHA at www.lubrisyn.com or by calling 800-901-8498.