One With Nature – All-Natural Products & Their Benefits

Many people are slowly shifting to a more holistic lifestyle these days. In addition to finding natural products for ourselves, there has been a boost in natural pet products as well! As we gather more information, we better understand the benefits of these products, as well as the risks involved in the alternative harsh chemical-based products. This all-natural approach can become necessary in some situations, depending on your dog’s specifics needs. The market for natural pet products is forever growing, and the benefits are infinite. We put our heads together, and came up with a list of what we thought were the greatest benefits!


Dogs have been on this earth for centuries. It’s hard to imagine, but they once survived on their natural instincts and skills without us. While I know with certainty that my dogs wouldn’t last a day relying on their hunting skills for food, their ancestors had to. Their bodies were designed to survive this way. As we have become more in touch with their needs, many dog owners have switched to an all-natural or raw diet. The results people find in these adjustments to their dogs’ diets is often profound. Their reasoning might vary, but the idea is all the same – we want what is best for our dogs. 


All-natural products are straight forward and organic, with no added chemicals. This makes them safer for your dog, for you and for the environment. Dogs often experience longer lifespans, no unusual side effects, and a decreased chance of developing diseases when natural products are administered. Additionally, all-natural products are much easier for the dog to absorb. Due to the lack of chemicals, we also benefit from our “holistic hippie pups.” Just like dogs, we can have negative reactions from these chemicals, and if possible, it’s great to avoid even bringing them into the house. The elimination of chemicals is also great for our environment.  

Whether it be a joint supplement, a topical flea treatment, or an appetite booster, there are natural products available for nearly all of your dog’s needs. The health benefits your dog will experience is enough to switch them to this lifestyle. All the extra benefits are just an added bonus!