Remembering that Special Horse – Horse Memorials

By Christian Ackman

Losing a horse is devastating, regardless of the cause. Nothing can prepare you for the void you’ll feel after they’re gone. It can be very difficult to find a fitting memorial for your beloved horse. We have put together some ideas to keep your horse’s memory close even after they’re gone. 

Getting jewelry made from your horse’s hair is a very elegant way to keep your horses memory with you. Whether it be a bracelet, necklace, rings or earrings, there are many artists who can put together a custom piece of jewelry to keep your horse’s memory close to your heart. Most of these pieces are made from the horse’s tail. 

Another great accessory to remember your horse by is a nameplate. Commonly, you see nameplates on leather bracelets or belts. These have a traditional equestrian style, and are a great conversation starter about your beloved horse. Many tack stores can custom make these bracelets and belts. 

A handful of pottery artists have begun creating pottery pieces incorporating horse hair. These unique pieces are custom made, using horse hair that you provide. With no two pieces being alike, these make great memorials to enjoy around your home or office. 

Shadow boxes are a great way to collaborate many items that remind you of your favorite horse. Including your horse’s halter, horse shoes, ribbons, awards and pictures will help preserve lasting memories of your horse, and make great wall art. These are a great project that you can do yourself!

Many people hold memories from horse shows and competitions fondly, as those moments are some of the best shared with your horse. Custom quilts and pillows are a great way to display ribbons earned in those competitions. Different designs and patterns allow you to customize these any way you’d like, and will be a forever memory of specific shows with your horse. 

There are many different picture frames designed to help remember your horse. Having a picture of your horse on display will provide a regular reminder of such a special horse, and allow you to share that with those who see his picture. 

Custom portraits of your horse can capture specific traits that you loved most about your horse. There are many professional artists who can create a stunning painting or drawing of your horse. Portraits are a great way to have a lasting memory of your horse in addition to beautiful artwork to display. 

Getting a memorial tattoo is a very permanent way to keep your horse with you always. Tattoos allow you to incorporate your own style in the art piece, and can be as simple or as extravagant as you’d like. Including your horses name or ID number are just a few ways to honor your horse’s memory. 

A custom model horse is another way to remember your beloved horse. Your horse can be “re-created” into a shelf-sized memory. Color, markings, shading and highlights are all hand painted based on pictures provided. These custom horses are beautifully crafted and will be a lasting memory of that special horse. 

There are so many creative and unique ways to remember your horse after they’re gone. Losing a horse is a heartbreaking process, but being able to enjoy their memory can allow you to cherish them for a lifetime.