The Importance of Dog Walking

Two small dogs pulling on their leashes in a field.

By Emily Daigle

No matter what age, condition, or breed of your pup, walking your dog is crucial to its well-being and here’s why.

Daily walks are so much more than “potty breaks”. The benefits that can result from walking your dog include mental stimulation, behavioral training, opportunities for socialization, and, of course, physical exercise for not only your furry babies but for you as well.

Senior couple walking dog over a bridge.

Walking your dog builds the bond that you have with your pup while providing a sturdy foundation for its mental and physical health. Just like children, dogs can become bored if left confined or alone for too long. Boredom in dogs often results in destructive behavior otherwise known as chewing, barking, and making anywhere their restroom. Your dog is inevitably dependent because you have the ability to bring all of the senses of outdoors to them. The ‘busyness’ that your dog experiences when introduced to all of the wonderful smells, sounds, and sights of the world is crucial for healthy mental stimulation.

Hopefully while out walking, your dog will have the opportunity to meet other dogs and owners. This can build your dog’s confidence, socially train, and relieve anxiety. Likely, your dog will be less afraid to make new furry friends. This is also good for determining if your dog is territorial or fearful around other dogs, and considering training your dog in a controlled environment.

Six dogs being walked at the same time.

As we’ve touched on in previous blogs, obesity in dogs (especially large-sized dogs) is not rare. The daily exercise that comes with walking your dog is crucial to their physical health. Even if your dog seems active inside, it needs another outlet for built-up energy. Avoid weight gain, joint issues, and various physical health problems by walking your dog regularly.

There are a great number of reasons to walk your dog. With this insight, getting up and getting outside will take much less effort! For safety tips in the heat, check out our other blog post on Preparing for Summer Heat.