Winter Maintenance

By: Nikki Seto

Most of us have been dealing with some aches and pains of late.  Maybe it was that artic cold we haven’t seen in decades, or the added work load caring for the beasts in our lives.  Frozen footing, extra stall cleaning, hauling and breaking frozen water and hay, lots of hay.  Maybe a slip and fall during snow removal!  For me it was the sledding…I don’t bounce anymore.  Either way I can bet if you have old injuries or any form of arthritis, you were feeling it. 

This brought a common question/comment I hear close to mind.  Do you support your animals’ joints in the winter?  Does time off from training and competition mean a stay from your normal supplement program?  If they are not working, is HA support needed?  We should talk winter folks, because let’s be honest, it’s here for a bit.

Are you taking any Tylenol or maybe you increased your own LubriSynHA dose?  “Winter can be the hardest season for horses’ joints,” says Dr. Beckman of Gas Light Equine in Prospect KY.  “Lack of constant low level movement results in stiffer horses overall.  The hard frozen ground adds more concussion to joints while tweaking them in directions they aren’t always meant to go!  Then comes the mud sucking at the body while slipping and sliding through the pasture.  Any arthritic joint hurts MORE in the winter, so we should do everything possible to keep the joints happy.”

Alex Hassinger, former race trainer and LubriSynHA VP of Business Development added, “We all want our horses ready to go come Spring, the best way to have a leg up is to support the synovial fluid during the extra stressors of winter.  Check with your vet and develop the best plan possible to protect your partner this winter!”

So whether your horse is still growing, working or battling some arthritis in their time off.  Don’t forget the HA and even better, check out our Plus product with MSM for inflammation.  Protect your investment and we will see you on the other side of winter folks!