The Pros and Cons of Dog Parks

Dog parks are becoming increasingly popular across the nation. Here are some pros and cons of taking your dog to dog parks.

Dog parks are becoming increasingly popular across the nation. The large outdoor areas can be a great tool in keeping your dog happy and healthy. The open areas allow your dog to enjoy off-leash activity and socialization. Unfortunately, these parks don’t fit every dog’s needs. We have put together a list of advantages and disadvantages of dog parks, in hopes that you can decide if it’s a good fit for you and your pet.


  • They encourage physical exercise – Dog parks allow your dog to get out and be active. Exercise is crucial in a dog’s health, and each dog has different needs depending on their breed and personality.
  • They create mental stimulation – New scenery and smells allow your dog to get a mental workout in addition to physical activity. Allowing them to explore dog parks can benefit them mentally, and you might notice a decline in disruptive behavior. (Dog parks also benefit your mental health!)
  • They encourage socialization – Dogs are social animals, and they enjoy playing in groups with other dogs. Dog parks are a great place for your dog to meet other dogs. Dog parks are also a nice way for you to meet fellow dog owners, and socialize with people who share similar interests (DOGS!).
  • They can be very educational – In addition to being a great way to socialize with other dog owners, dog parks open the opportunity to learn new things about dogs, whether it be from observing dogs playing, or chatting with other dog owners.


  • There does run a risk of disease – Whenever dogs congregate, there is always a heightened risk of them spreading disease, such as kennel cough or canine influenza. This year there has been an outbreak of canine influenza across the Midwest, making dog owners cautious about visiting dog parks.
  • Some can provide poor socialization – While socialization is a great benefit of dog parks, if you know your dog doesn’t interact well with other dogs, it’s probably best to leave him at home. You should also keep a close watch on your dog at the dog park. Some dog owners don’t understand that dog parks don’t meet every dog’s needs.
  • There is a risk heatstroke – Overheating can occur anytime during the summer months, but the dog park is a great place for your dog to run and play, making it higher risk for them to suffer heatstroke. On a recent blog post we addressed heatstroke, and how to avoid it.
  • There are also a possibility contracting of fleas/ticks – Anytime a large group of dogs get together, their chance of coming home with fleas and/or ticks is increased. You can find great tips on how to avoid fleas and ticks here.

There is no doubt that dog parks are beneficial and necessary. They provide a great outlet for dogs and owners alike. However, there are always associated risks when bringing a group of dogs together for the first time. Hopefully you can now make an informed decision about whether the dog park is a good place for you and your dog.

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